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How to Start or Build an ARTS Practice and Sensible ART Contract Drafting 

This webinar is intended for any Attorneys who are trying to expand their adoption practice into ART and/or need sensible ART contract drafting tips. $149  

Federal & International Adoption & ART Legislative Update

A seminar outlining what is happening legislatively at both the federal and international level in the areas of adoption and assisted reproductive technology law. $149

LGBT Adoption & ART Update 2014

With the increasing number of marriage equality states; the decision in US v. Windsor requiring the federal government to recognize same sex marriages and pending litigation trending in favor of marriage equality, April's webinar will focus on the impact of marriage equality on adoption and ART law affecting LGBT clients. We will explore why gay and lesbian parents still have to adopt their own children; what are the risks of using ART in the US and overseas for gay men seeking to have their own children; and what impact does marriage equality have on the adoption process. $149

Post-Adoption Contact Agreements: Tips to Increase Your Chances of a Successful Agreement for the Child

Many states have passed laws in recent years allowing for the enforceability of open adoption agreements between birth parents and adoptive parents regarding future contact, communication, and exchange of information about the child.  When it comes to negotiating and drafting such agreements, however, this is no easy task.  This webinar will focus on considerations and practice pointers to help you in your efforts to formulate long-term, workable agreements that are centered on the children’s best interests and how to resolve conflicts when they arise.

Client Money in ART Practice 

The webinar will address money management in the adoption and ART law practices. It will include a primer on retainers, IOLTA accounts and oversight, payments from escrow accounts, and billing.  Mismanagement of client funds and billing issues top the list of complaints filed against attorneys. Incorporating safeguards and fair practices is essential to the smooth operation of your law practice. $149

What Every Social Worker Should Know About the Indian Child Welfare Act
(hosted by Agency Committee)

A seminar for social workers, attorneys and adoption agencies providing instruction on determining when ICWA applies, understanding ICWA procedures and recognizing red flags that could put an adoptive placement at risk. $25

The Medical Side of ART: Important Terms, Guidelines & Available Resources Every ART Practitioner Should Know 

This seminar is critical for every ART practitioner - whether very experienced or just starting out. There are a plethora of resources out there that you can use and provide to your clients - and there are various guidelines that are a must to know. Listen to two very experienced ART professionals discuss the medical-legal overlap and share with you important ART materials. $149

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status: What Adoption & Family Attorneys need to know.

Immigration and adoption attorneys, Karen Law and Emily Dudak Taylor, will lead a presentation of the fundamentals of Special Immigrant Juvenile Status ("SIJS") for non-immigration attorneys. More advanced SIJS topics will include "similar basis under state law" cases, "one parent" cases, children with criminal records, interplay of SIJS and adoption, notice to birth parents and foreign governments, and defensive SIJS petitions when the child is in removal proceedings. Karen and Emily will also discuss how adoption and family law attorneys can help with the "unaccompanied child" crisis currently being covered in the news. $25

Navigating Openness in Adoption and ART Cases Over A Lifetime: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You, Your Clients, & Their Children!

Whether your families intend a closed, semi-open or open family formation arrangement, this training is a must! You will have 30 plus years of adoption and ART experience plugged into 90 minutes and walk away with practice materials and tools that you can implement immediately. This training will also address how to help your clients navigate when contact is initiated by surprise at different stages of the child’s life, through social media, donor registries, open records, etc.

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