AAAA Directories


The Academy Directory is a listing of the current Fellows of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys in each state or Canadian province. For those involved in an adoption journey, working with an experienced adoption attorney will ensure you receive the best advice and guidance available for your needs. The Directory is the “go to” resource for locating an adoption attorney in your home state or in the state where your adoption is occurring. You can search the directory using the menu on the left side of the screen. You may search either by State or by Attorney Name. To search by State simply use the drop down menu to identify the State which will provide the names of each Academy Fellow in that State. You may then locate the attorney by placing your mouse over the attorneys name which will reveal where in the State they are located and will cause their information to “pop up” on the map. At this point you may click on the “more information” to reach information about the specific attorney including a link to their direct website. To search by name you can click the “Search by Name” box on the left and begin typing the attorneys first or last name and Fellow with that name will “pop up” below the search box.


Originally published in 2005, I am pleased to offer the online AAAA Agency Directory to the public. Clicking on the underlined Agency Directory will open an interactive Agency Directory.

Formerly available only to AAAA members, the purpose of the Agency Directory is to provide you with information about adoption agencies that have an affiliation either directly or indirectly with one or more current AAAA members. The Directory does not purport to be a complete listing of all adoption agencies, nor even a complete listing of all AAAA member-affiliated agencies

The Academy does not endorse, sponsor, rate or otherwise formally approve of any adoption agencies. The fact that an agency is listed in the Agency Directory should not be construed as an endorsement of that agency by the Academy. The accuracy of the information has not been verified, and there is no guarantee that the information provided is correct. It is strongly suggested that you independently confirm the information about agencies listed in the Agency Directory before relying upon it.

I extend my thanks to Kathleen Hogan Morrison who originated the concept of the agency directory.

Notwithstanding those limitations, I hope that the Agency Directory will be helpful to you.

Jennifer Fairfax
On Behalf of the Academy's Agency Committee