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If you are interested in pursuing a particular child, contact your Academy Attorney and Chelsea Taylor, M.S.W. at The Adoption Exchange at ctaylor@adoptex.org, 303-755-4756 (ext. 222) for further information about pursuing the adoption process of the particular child. Please do not contact the Academy as your attorney and Chelsea will be the contact persons in all matters regarding Wednesday's Child. In most cases, Chelsea will provide you or your attorney with the child's caseworker contact information to send your home study and profile. Your attorney can assist you in requesting medical, social, developmental, educational and psychological information about the child.

Once the child's caseworker receives the home study (and possibly profile), the caseworker will usually respond within (30) days, although this time frame can often be expedited. If a successful match is made, you, your attorney and the child's caseworker will develop a transition plan to successfully integrate the child into the adoptive home. Your Academy attorney would be involved in finalizing the adoption and negotiating the adoption subsidy (if applicable). Please note that there are no placement fees associated with these cases.


Robert (NV)

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AAAA believes that the active and enthusiastic participation by our membership in this project serves both the children waiting for adoption and helps clients who are building their families through adoption. Nationwide 114,000 children are waiting for an adoptive home. By having AAAA involved in this project, AAAA can successfully aid some of these children in finding permanent homes. AAAA does a fantastic job helping to place infants in wonderful homes and we hope, through this project with Wednesday’s Child, to reach out and help these children find forever homes.  If you are interested in adoption and are not currently working with an Attorney, please contact one of our Fellows near you using our Adoption Attorney Directory.